3 Reasons Why Artisan Bread Is Known To Be So Great


While most people will agree that bread in and of itself is delicious, there are certain types of bread that really go above and beyond and leave people wanting more each time that they eat them. One such delicious kind of bread is artisan bread. This type of bread is generally handmade and is quite a bit different than most other kinds of bread is artisan bread. This article will discuss 3 reasons why artisan bread is known to be so great.

Basic Ingredients

Artisan bread is almost always made out of only the most basic ingredients. This generally includes flour, salt, yeast, and water. While this may not sound like much, this is all that is needed to create the base for delicious bread. This also just goes to show how many unnecessary ingredients are added to most bread. You can choose to either use whole-wheat flour or white flour for your artisan bread, depending on what kind of bread you want to make it into. You can also add extra ingredients to the bread base, such as nuts, raisins, spices, or whatever else you think would taste good.


Another amazing thing about artisan bread is the fact that you know you are buying it fresh. The "shelf life" of artisan bread is generally much shorter than other breads because it is made from natural ingredients. This means that if you are buying it, then it is very fresh. However, if you would like it to last you a bit longer, you can always freeze part of it, or you can put the entire loaf in the refrigerator and just pull one or two pieces out to eat. However, since fresh bread tastes the best anyway, it is often best to just eat it as soon as possible.

Easier To Digest

Because the artisan bread is made out of ingredients that are simple and fresh, this makes it much easier for your body to digest. It doesn't have to break down the preservatives that most store bought breads have in them. This can go a long way in improving you overall digestive health and keeping your gut healthy. It can also help to keep you more regular, which is something that a lot of people, unfortunately, have to struggle with. Knowing that you are giving your body something that will help it, rather than something that could potentially harm it, is reason enough for some people to choose artisan bread every time.

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9 August 2017

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